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RainStar University
Staff and Instructors

Edvard R. Richards, L.M.T.
Office of the President, COO & Co-Founder –1999 & 2002 Board Member Arizona Private School Association

Edvard brings a unique balance of business acumen and holistic health training to his work – a balance reflected in RainStar’s well-rounded curriculum that teaches aspiring massage therapists how to quickly begin & develop their new careers. As an adopted child born with a congenital heart defect, asthma, and a variety of allergies, Edvard began to study the few health & nutrition books available at the time to see if he could overcome these debilitating problems. He soon discovered first-hand the benefits of achieving a higher degree of self-awareness and taking greater responsibility for his own health. Edvard continued applying the holistic health and nutrition principles of many well-known experts such as Adelle Davis, Frances Lapee, Harvey & Marilyn Diamond, Dr. Andrew Weil, and others to create health and dynamic energy in his life. He ultimately decided to pursue an entrepreneurial career in the fields of self-knowledge and holistic health. Today, Edvard brings to RainStar University an extensive background in the formation and development of many successful small business startups. He has shared his enthusiastic perspectives and knowledge on news talk KTAR & other top radio stations, and also has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, The Arizona Republic, Phoenix Gazette, The Business Journal, and over 150 other publications worldwide. Edvard was recognized as Emerging Entrepreneur of the year by INC. magazine in 1992 and was named the Small Business of the Year finalist for the Phoenix Chamber of Commerce in 1993.

Jody Russell, B.S., L.M.T.
Office of the President, CAO, Co-Founder, Board Member and Co-Founder of the AZ Council of Massage Therapy Educators

Jody's accomplishments are living proof that life's challenges can lead to personal fulfillment and business success if the heart and mind are channeled in the same direction. A mother of eight, Jody graduated from Brigham Young University and received the Outstanding Senior Award from the department of mathematics. After graduation, she added a fifth year in Secondary education. Jody pursued her graduate degree in Montessori teaching and Infant/Child Therapy. Her knowledge was put to the test when her son, Joseph, was born with Down’s Syndrome and later diagnosed with Autism. She noticed a tremendous increase in Joseph’s abilities and health through nutrition, early intervention (massage, training, and exercise). She began pursuing an education in therapeutic massage and bodywork. Working with several chiropractors in the area and students attending Palmer Chiropractic College, she learned clinical techniques to incorporate into basic massage. Soon she had built a large massage business, averaging ten massages per day at chiropractic and holistic clinics, the Scottsdale Conference Resort & Golden’s Health and Fitness Club. In 1991 Jody founded New Life Therapy Center, where she trained therapists for massage work at the Center and chiropractic clinics. After founding RainStar University in 1994, Jody developed a curriculum that integrated deep muscle therapeutic massage, advanced clinical therapies, and infant/child therapy with Montessori teaching. Today, RainStar University students benefit from her unique perspective that incorporates a variety of teaching techniques to encourage greater academic and practical success. The success of RainStar University and the students who graduate reflect Jody’s dream of healing the planet one touch at a time through a caring and well-trained touch.

Kyle Bonorden
Kyle is a resident of Arizona since 1990. He grew up on a ranch in South Texas, and has several family members in public and university level education. Besides graduating from RainStar in the 1000-hour masters graduate program, Kyle holds a Bachelors Degree in Aeronautical Science from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott, Arizona. Kyle followed a course of study in clinical applications at RainStar and Specializes in Cranio Sacral and Myofascial Release Therapies. His continuing education is through the Upledger Institute.

Shiang Chen-Williams, L.M.T.
Shiang Chen-Williams received her Bachelor of Arts degree in English Language and Literature in 1990 in the oldest city of Taiwan. She then came to the United States to study special education and received her Master of Arts degree in early childhood special education in 1994. She worked with young children with special needs and their parents in a public school and Head Start as certified teacher and special education consultant. In order to search for alternative methods to deal with children with special needs, she attended RainStar University in Therapeutic Massage and received her associate of Applied Sciences Degree in Therapeutic Massage in Spring, 2001. She became a licensed massage therapist in Phoenix and Scottsdale. Shiang’s specialties include chair massage, stress reduction, special needs children massage, rehabilitation massage, Reiki, and Rain Drop Technique.

Shiang’s interest in exploring the concept of healing and assisting stress reduction techniques dates back to the earlier 1990s. Due to experience in interacting with various cultural groups in the U.S. and her own unique culture (having been raised in a traditional Chinese family), she has a firm belief in healing through different dimensions of practice in mind-body-spirit connection. She also believes that learning does not stop after receiving degrees; instead, it is the beginning of the search for more answers in healing. She is willing to utilize her knowledge and skills to assist the public in healing through various modalities.

Rosie Close, L.M.T.
Instructor of Therapeutic Massage

Rosie became interested in massage after the birth of her daughter in 1994. Her daughter was premature and developed colic after her birth. Rosie began massaging her to release her pain, accompanied with hydrotherapy, which did wonders in assisting the release. During that same year Rosie began assisting Birthing Partners education through the Upledger Institute and has aided in the delivery of many newborns. Her interest in Infant/Child Massage led her to enroll in and graduate with a 1000-hour diploma in Massage Therapy with an emphasis in Family Therapies, Lymphatic Drainage, and Myoconditioning. Rosie has furthered her continuing education through the Upledger Institute.

Mona A. Contreras, L.M.T.
Mona has always been a goal-oriented and organized person with a drive to succeed professionally in life. Working in a financial atmosphere gave her a lot of good experience, however it was not fulfilling or satisfying. She knew she always wanted to help people in a more personal way. When she decided to become a massage therapist, she knew that the desire to help and heal others would be fulfilled.

Tonya Cortese, L.M.T.
Tonya moved to Arizona from Colorado in the fall of 2000 after receiving an A.G.S. degree in Business management. Tonya is a graduate of the 1000-hour certificate program from RainStar University. Her strong beliefs in holistic healthcare led her to pursue a career in massage therapy. “The education that I received at RainStar I believe has prepared me to be a successful therapist. I look forward to sharing my knowledge and experience with others to help lead them down a path of good health and well-being.”

John Dale
John Dale is a 36 year old, happily married father of two residing in Tempe, AZ. When not enjoying family activities, or watching football, John enjoys reading and painting. After serving our country for four years in the US Navy, John took advantage of his G.I. educational benefits to earn an associate degree in Respiratory Therapy. His career has included auditing, managerial duties and administration assistant.

Dianna D’Andrea (Krause)
Dianna is a naturopathic physician whose special interests include Anti-aging medicine and Homeopathy. she has been teaching Homeopathy and IV therapies at SCNM for three years. She lives with her husband and two cocker spaniels, both of which she acquired in the course of rescue work. She has been an avid amateur storyteller for 20 years.

Joshua Daniels, L.M.T.
Joshua was raised on the south shore of Boston, MA in a city named Brockton. In his junior year of high school, he moved to Maine, revered for its natural beauty. He met his wife while completing high school. While seeking to escape the endless and at times treacherous winter season, his family relocated to Arizona in1997. The historical, architectural and cultural differences between New England and the Southwest were immediately evident, and though he has grown to love Arizona, New England will always be considered home. With an intense desire for an occupation that would provide a high degree of personal fulfillment and an understanding of the physiological benefits of therapeutic massage, he enrolled at RainStar University. He enjoys giving 110% of himself to any task that he performs, professionally or personally. He feels that everything he does is a direct reflection of his self and takes great pride in all activities that he participates in. During his internship at the RainStar University Therapy Centre, he found the genuine appreciation exhibited by his clients immensely satisfying. He is looking forward to additional certifications in many additional areas of bodywork including Neuromuscular Therapy, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, CranioSacral Therapy, Applied Kinesiology and Myofascial Release with an eventual goal of becoming an Osteopathic Physician. His motto is, “A positive attitude equals positive results”, & attempts to apply this to all aspects of his life.

Dr. Bruce Davis
Assistant Professor of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine
Dr. Davis is a licensed Naturopathic Physician and a national board certified acupuncturist currently in private practice in Mesa, Arizona, where he resides with his wife and daughter. He also holds a Doctorate in Homeopathic Medicine from Great Britain. He has been in private practice as an acupuncturist for over ten years. Dr. Davis is a member of the American Assoc. of Naturopathic Physicians, the Arizona Naturopathic Medical Assoc., the Acupuncture Society of Arizona, the National Acupuncture Detoxification Assoc., and the National Sports Acupuncture Assoc.

Dawn Davis, L.M.T.
Dawn Davis joined the RainStar family as a licensed massage therapist after her graduation from RainStar University. She previously ran a day-care center at home for five years before massage therapy “found her.” Dawn believes that massage is a valuable tool that can help her to empower others to take control of their personal health and lives, and to encourage others to help and touch each other.
Patrick Davis, L.M.T.
Instructor of Therapeutic Massage and Clinic Supervisor
Patrick is a Phoenix native and has lived in Arizona all his life. He is a 1000-hour graduate of RainStar University and is currently working toward certification in Neuromuscular Therapy while maintaining a private practice. His focus is on Clinical Therapies, Deep Tissue and Sports Massage. Patrick enjoys being around people who enjoy healthy lifestyles that Massage Therapy promotes.
Steve Davis, L.M.T.
Steve has over twenty-six years of successful experience in multiple entrepreneurial and larger business disciplines, including his experience as a successful RainStar University graduate and as an admissions representative for incoming and prospective RainStar University students. As a student at RainStar University, Steve served as the Board Secretary on the Student Advisory Board for over one year and was involved with many other aspects of the school during his education. Steve understands what it takes to be a successful student at RainStar and what it takes to be successful in the holistic health-care profession.
Dr. Suzanne Davis, D.C.
Science Instructor
Suzanne received her Doctorate from Palmer College of Chiropractic (Davenport, Iowa) in 1986. She received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biology from St. Ambrose University in 1982. Suzanne was a nationally certified paramedic and CPR instructor graduating from the University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics program. She served as Field preceptor and instructor for the University and Scott Community College. Suzanne was an active field medic in emergency medicine for ten years and enjoys teaching, sharing with others.

Originally form Pennsylvania, she received her Bachelor of Music Degree in Performance from Temple University in 1973 when she decided to serve all living things. She began course work in science and psychology at the University of Pennsylvania, counseled rape and trauma crisis victims and worked at the University’s Medical School in biophysics and biochemistry research. She has published several papers and continues to revere both fields as an integral part of her life and practice.

She is licensed in Arizona in acupuncture and chiropractic, and is a diplomat of the National Board. Suzanne is a Fellow of the International Academy of Clinical Acupuncture and is Second Level Reiki. She has studied Cranio Sacral Therapy and Somatoemotional Release Facilitation with Dr. John Upledger and continues to study with the Upledger Institute in Palm Beach.

From Gardens, Florida. Suzanne is currently studying for her Master’s degree in acupuncture. She has been practicing in Arizona since 1989. Her mission is to serve life in all forms with the same love the Creator has given to her.

Dr. Yong Deng, MD (China), L.Ac
Professor of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine
Dr. Deng was a graduate and former faculty and physician of Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese P.R. China. He had taught and practiced acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine at this school and its teaching hospital for over thirteen years before invited into Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine & Health Sciences in Tempe, Arizona in 1996. Dr. Deng is an internationally well-known lecturer and practitioner of TCM and has twenty years' experience in practicing acupuncture, Chinese herbs and Tiu Na (Chinese therapeutic massage) for wide range of diseases and conditions including pain syndromes, allergy, depression, lack of energy, cancer, stroke, gynecological disorders, GI problems, etc. He is currently the Chair and Professor of Department of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine & Health Sciences in Tempe and the Chair and Professor of Department of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine at College of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese medicine at RainStar University in Scottsdale. Dr. Deng has his private practice at Southwest Naturopathic Medical Center in Scottsdale and at his office in Gilbert. Dr. Deng is an internationally recognized speaker and scholar in the fields of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. He has his yearly presentations at national and international conferences and has published over 20 papers and several books including Encyclopedia of Chinese and U.S. Patent Herbal Medicines. Dr. Deng has held many esteemed positions in China and the United States. He is a director of the International Association of Integrated Medicine (IAIM), a member of State of Arizona Acupuncture Board of Examiner, a member of Advisory Board at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA), and a member of the National Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Alliance (NAOMA).
Dr. Stephanie Eastman, N.D.
Dr. Stephanie Eastman received her naturopathic medical training from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine. She brings with her 18 years of medical experience primarily in neonatal, women’s and pediatric health. Her focus includes family practice, life extension, preventative medicine, pediatrics and women’s health issues.

Lyn Eden, L.M.T.
Lyn Eden began the study of massage therapy at Tulsa University in l974 to assist with her mother's chronic back pain. She received her certificate, state license, and was hired by a local Chiropractor. She also studied reflexology during this time. After moving to the U.S. Virgin Islands in 1979, she continued her massage practice, married the owner of a small hotel, and studied Jin Shin Jitsu. In l996, Lyn enrolled at RainStar University. Since graduation she divides her time between St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands and Scottsdale.

Abigail (Abby) Edmondson, L.M.T.
Abby came to RainStar University not knowing how much of an amazing experience lay before her. It opened up a new and exciting chapter in her life and she can’t wait to continue on the journey. She accomplished her 1000 hours of training in Therapeutic Massage in less than one year and plans to get certified in Yoga later this year and then complete her Baccalaureate degree. She will never forget all of the wonderful teachers at RainStar University that changed her life. They know who they are! Before she was even finished with her schooling at RainStar University, she was offered a job in the RainStar University Therapy Centre because of her excellence as a student and as a therapist, so she hurried to complete her required clinical practicum internship hours and did it well. At the same time she is closing a big chapter in her life and is turning the page to another. Thank you, RainStar University!

Todd Flemion, CFP, CMFC, CLU, ChFC
Admissions Officer
Todd’s professional career began in the financial planning industry where he built on his early Economics training. He helped individuals and businesses reach their financial goals and advanced his professional education by obtaining the CFD, CMFC, CLU and CLFC designations. Later, he put his sales management and business development skills to work for a retail electric provider that promoted renewable energy. Todd believes in the healing power of therapeutic massage and Oriental Medicine. During his private time he engages in various physical activities, reads, writes and “dabbles”.

Joan Gouge
Customer Care Representative Therapy Centre, Bookstore, & Herbal Medicinary
Joanne is really happy to be here at RainStar, working in the Therapy Centre. She has enjoyed all of you that she has met so far and is looking forward to meeting the rest of you. Joan has a 14-year background in massage work and uses that knowledge in the Therapy Centre with scheduling clients, student needs, and the relationship between client and therapist. See Joan in the Therapy Centre.

Jennifer Hansen
Assistant Manager Therapy Centre, Bookstore, & Herbal Medicinary
Jennifer was born and raised in Albuquerque, NM. Moved to the Phoenix Area in 1994. Graduated from Corona Del Sol High School one semester early to move to Malaysia with parents. Lived there for six months before returning to Phoenix to attend Southwestern College where she received a degree in Christian Ministries/Business. Jennifer has been involved in a gubernatorial campaign for Gary Johnson, current governor of New Mexico.

Marlene Kennedy
Marlene’s desire to become a massage therapist began in 1997 when she first began receiving this therapy for injuries occurred in a motor vehicle accident. However, her desire to be apart of the healthcare field started in 1988 when she became a certified nurse’s aide. “I soon realized that I wanted to climb higher in the health field and became a registered Nurse (RN0 by 1991. Throughout my 9 years of working as a RN I read and pursued more information about the holistic healthcare fields. I believe my path was always leading me here to RainStar and massage therapy.”
She says, “Where I go from here on my path will forever be influenced by what I have done in my past on my way to continuous self-improvement and self actualization. My ability to aid others with their well-being will continue to grow and blossom while working here at RainStar Therapy Center as a L.M.T.”

Dr. Adam Kerievsky
Assistant Professor of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine
Dr. Kerievsky is a Naturopathic physician and a Diplomate in Acupuncture. His interests and active clinical experiences are diverse and he brings a wealth of hands-on case studies to the classroom.

Kindra Klein
As a recent graduate of RainStar University, Kindra understands the importance of a quality education. RainStar has enabled her to pursue her interests in healing through touch in a professional manner. Now, not only does she have a desire to help people, but also has the knowledge that it requires. At RainStar University, she didn’t just receive an Associate of Applied Sciences Degree, but also learned a great deal about her own ability to reach out to other individuals. She now knows that in most cases, all it requires to make a difference in someone’s life is intent to do so and believing in one’s self. With such a terrific experience at RainStar as a student, she knows that having the opportunity to work with the staff, faculty and students on a professional level would be respected and cherished not only as professionals, but also as human beings.

Willie Lim
Willie has 42 years of international experience. He has taught in the U.S., England, Finland, Republic of Ireland, N. Ireland, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, and is a Finland. International teacher of Tai Chi and Karate (8th Degree).

Dr. Susan Luo, M.D. (China), L.Ac
Associate Professor of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine
Dr. Susan Luo earned her medical degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine at Beijing University in 1983, and worked in Beijing Hospital for five years as a TCM physician. With a certificate in acupuncture by NCCAOM in the United States, she has practiced TCM in the United States for over ten years, and is currently practicing in Chandler, Arizona. Before joining RainStar University, Dr. Luo was an associated professor and clinic supervisor at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine & Health Sciences in Tempe, Arizona, teaching acupuncture and Chinese medicine. Dr. Luo’s mission is “to popularize Chinese medicine in Arizona.

Chad Massena, B.A., L.M.T.
Instructor of Therapeutic Massage and Clinic Supervisor
Chad grew up in Gillette, Wyoming, and graduated from Campbell Co. High School in 1989. He moved to Tempe in the fall of that year and attended ASU where he studied Exercise Science until Spring 1994. Born with optic nerve damage that left him legally blind from birth, the progression to the tactile world of massage was a natural one. Chad gained valuable experience interning with the Arizona Sandsharks, and has also worked with the Phoenix Roadrunners of the IHL and two chiropractic physicians locally, where he refined his skills as a massage therapist. Along with teaching sports massage at RainStar University, Chad also owns the Performance Massage Center in the Scottsdale YMCA.

Tom Morrissey
Instructor of Qi Gong
Tom Morrissey had a career with the United States Marshals Service that spanned almost twenty-one years. He retired honorably as the Chief Deputy United States Marshal for the District of Arizona. During his career he worked as part of the Witness Protection Division, Special Security and Dignitary Protection Division (he was part of an anti-terrorist group for the Winter Olympics in Lake Placid New York) and he was one of the U. S. Marshals Service’s most successful fugitive hunters, having been responsible for the apprehension of over four hundred fugitives. It was during his time with the Security Division of the Marshals Service that he developed a highly specialized methodology for preventing security breaches in the federal courthouses around the country and in the territories. He was responsible for the initiation of security systems in the Omaha, Nebraska and Phoenix, Arizona Federal Courthouses that are believed to have prevented a bombing attempt prior to the Oklahoma City Bombing. In 1996 Tom signed on as Security Director for the Arizona Department of Economic Security (DES). In that capacity he took on the challenge of changing the paradigm of that agency from one of complete disregard for security to one of total commitment. This change took place over the span of two years during which he and his staff introduced an employee security badge system that was distributed to all ten thousand employees throughout the state of Arizona. As part of this process he designed a Workplace Violence Avoidance Training that he and his staff have delivered to almost seven thousand DES employees. This training program has been adapted by several other state agencies for use with their employees. DES is now recognized as one of the best-secured agencies in Arizona State government. Tom is a graduate of Ottawa University with a BA in Law enforcement Administration. He is working on a Graduate Degree in Public Administration at Arizona State University. He is a Certified Public Manager and holds a certification as an Internal Chinese Martial Arts and Chi Gung Instructor, with twenty years of study under Chinese Grand Master Kenny Gong (Ak Fi). He is also currently serving as an adjunct with RainStar University in Scottsdale Arizona.

Honna Leigh Mussman
“Working as an LPN gave me pleasure for most of my life.. However, as a LMT we practice natural healing to help the client heal themselves.”

Sophia Perkovich, A.A.S., R.M.T.
Dean, College of Therapeutic Massage and Assistant Professor of Therapeutic Massage
Sophia has an extensive background in massage therapy. Her studies were conducted in Ontario, Canada, where she completed a 3,000-hour program in clinical massage therapy. To complement her knowledge of the body, she completed a year of gross anatomy. Prior to that she attended the University of Windsor, majoring in biological sciences. Sophia came to RainStar University to enable the students to conduct a thorough assessment, create a massage treatment plan, implement remedial exercise, and to complement the treatment with various modalities such as hydrotherapy, deep tissue sculpting, pulsing, and others.

Jerry Rice, L.M.T.
After having a career in construction, Jerry found that he needed to do something else. He felt that he wanted to give people more than just a place to live in. He found massage and the natural healing arts. When he found RainStar University, he took the 1000-hour program and now he feels that he is ready to help heal the planet.

Billy Ristuccia
Billy began training in the martial arts in 1977 at the age of 9, studying old systems of Japanese Jujutsu martial arts. This also began her introduction into the world of Oriental medicine and therapeutic bodywork. In Jujutsu, the teachings and philosophy of Anma and other related bodywork traditions are taught along side each other. In 1988, she became a member of the International Bujinkan Dojo located in Noda City, Japan. She is also a practitioner of Kriya Yoga and a member of the AOBTA: American Oriental Bodywork Therapy Association.
For professional training, she first attended a Japanese massage school located in Japan Town; San Francisco, California called the “Anma Institute of Traditional Japanese Massage”. Takashi Nakamura Sensei first established this school in 1977 to provide a local source of Japanese Anma massage practitioners for the “Kabuki Hot Springs”, the only authentic Japanese hot springs located in the USA. Nakamura Sensei was a high-level graduate from a Kansai Medical school located in Osake, Japan.
Upon graduation from the Anma Institute, she continued her studies by attending the “Desert Institute of The Healing Arts” where she learned the Masunaga system of Shiatsu, also known as Zen Shiatsu. After graduating from this school she was given the opportunity to become a direct apprentice to Shogo Mochizuki. whose family is declared a living national treasure by Japan. His family has practiced various styles of Japanese medicine as a tradition for over 300 years.
After leaving this program, Billy had the pleasure to train with Masayuki Saionji the founder of the “Tokyo International Institute of Preventive Medicine”. She learned his art of Kotsuban Yumeiho, “Hipbone Pressure And Kneading Adjustment Therapy” also know as “The Spring of Life Cause Killing Therapy”.
She then studied with Yoshiaki Nakano, the founder of Zen Health Education, which offers courses in Shodo (Zen Calligraphy), Oriental health observation, advanced Shiatsu clinics and the art of longevity practices. She is a certified instructor in Moxage for Nakano Sensei. Moxage is an art which Nakano Sensei founded by combining ancient techniques of Moxibustion (herbal heat treatment) with traditional methods of Japanese massage.
Billy currently teaches a variety of workshops within the United States and in several foreign countries. She is a massage consultant for the Equipose company to assist in their wellness programs for corporations. She is the founder and owner of Yakushin Publications. “I started this endeavor to provide all practitioners of Japanese medical arts with access to manuscripts that have never been translated and published outside of Japan to date. I maintain a private practice located in Scottsdale for massage and bodywork where I also teach martial arts classes on a regular basis. Until recently, I was an instructor at the Phoenix Therapeutic Massage College, where I developed, setup and taught classes for all levels of their programs, teaching both Oriental medical theory and Japanese bodywork arts. At least once a year I travel to Japan to continue my education and advancement in both the fields of Japanese medical bodywork and Martial Arts.”

Jeanette Rosario, R.M.T., L.M.T.
Jeanette is a Registered Massage Therapist licensed to practice in Ontario, Canada. Prior to graduating from a 2400 hour Therapeutic Massage Therapy program in Canada, she attended York University majoring in Physical Education with a minor in Psychology. Her awareness and understanding of alternative therapies occurred during an overseas volunteer experience in Costa Rica. Since then, she has pursued accreditation as a Cranio Sacral Therapist and Reflexologist. Jeanette comes to RainStar University as an Instructor so that her knowledge and skills will benefit its students, thus further promoting the field of alternative therapies.

Dr. Teri Sherman, D.C.
Associate Professor of Science and Clinic Supervisor
A native New Yorker, Dr. Sherman attended Sherman College of Chiropractic and graduated class Valedictorian in 1985. A former collegiate gymnast, she loves to hike, exercise, and cook! Dr. Sherman has four wonderful children ranging in ages from seven to twenty. She loves living in the Valley of the Sun and has done so for ten years. She brings an incredible amount of enthusiasm and passion to her teaching and is very happy to be a part of the RainStar Mission.

Kay Soasey, L.M.T.
Instructor of Therapeutic Massage
Born and raised in Oregon, and after traveling to over 28 countries around the world, including Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Europe, Kay finally made Scottsdale, Arizona, her home. She spends part of her year in Hawaii, where she lives on the Big Island. Kay has been a professional adult trainer for 17 years and has currently focused her training expertise into the field of essential oils and aromatherapy. Re-educating the new world about this healing modality that has been practiced in the old world by the ancients for millenniums has become her passion. She is a graduate of RainStar University, and currently practices massage therapy part-time in conjunction with educating “as many as possible” about essential oils.

Dr. Roxie Strand, NMD
Dr. Roxie Strand, NMD is a licensed naturopathic physician currently practicing in Phoenix, AZ. She informally began studying natural medicine while she was in Cameroon, Africa as a Peace Corp volunteer. Upon returning, she attended and graduated from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine. Dr. Strand’s practice is diverse and eclectic, and she enjoys using natural modalities, such as: Acupuncture, Botanical Medicine, Homeopathy, Hydrotherapy, Lifestyle – Mind/Body counseling, Nutrition, and physical medicine.

Elena Tankevich
Born in Russia in 1961. 1982 – 1994 she worked as a goldsmith and jewelry designer in Russia before emigrating to the US.

Christina M. Tondora, ND
Dr. Christina M. Tondora is a licensed Naturopathic Physician in Arizona, and maintains a naturopathic medical license in Vermont. Dr. Tondora founded Scottsdale Center for Natural Medicine in Scottsdale, AZ as a comprehensive healthcare clinic, which offers a fully integrated array of services for people seeking a natural approach to acute and chronic disease. Dr. Tondora specializes in IV vitamin and oxidative therapies, and also incorporates acupuncture, botanical medicine, chelation therapy, homeopathy, clinical nutritional consultations, detoxification programs and physical medicine. She is a frequent lecturer to both physicians and the general public on naturopathic medicine.
Dr. Tondora graduated with high academic honors from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine as a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine. She graduated with honors and distinction form Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering.

Sara Walker
At Sacramento State University, Sara studied Speech Therapy.. Before the summer of 1977 she saw a flyer posted at SSU to learn Shiatsu. It intrigued her and changed the course of her studies toward the holistic field. After studying Shiatsu at the Shiatsu Education Center, she became an instructor there. Since then she has been an L.M.T. at the Village Sanna Health Spa, an instructor at RainStar University, has learned Chinese Cranio Sacral geriatrics, and sports massage. She is also self-employed performing on-site corporate chair massage.

Winnie, L.M.T./Reflexologis
Instructor of Therapeutic Massage
Winnie brings her diverse experience to RainStar University, gained through having her own private practice in Tennessee for six years until relocating to Arizona. A graduate of RainStar University and a member of International Institute of Reflexology, Winnie has been a Certified Exercise Physiology Technician since 1987. She teaches and certifies students in reflexology, the practice of manipulating the reflex areas in the feet and hands that relate to the specific systems and organs in the body.

Kathy Wright
Kathy worked in an alternative medical center in Palo Alto, California since 1988. Because of her rich experience in patient management, medical billings, and creation of a unique method of running an efficient medical facility, she was invited to be a guest lecturer by the Traditional Chinese Medical College of Hawaii in 1995, and by the California Certified Acupuncturists Association twice in 1993 and 1994. While she worked full time in the medical office, in 1992, she and her husband built, managed, and operated a 2040 sq. ft. gourmet coffee house for five years and successfully sold it in 1997. She was directly responsible for hiring, training, and management of a 10-employee work force, as well as setting up inventory control systems, and budgeting.
In October 2000, Kathy and her husband relocated to the Phoenix area. She remains committed to serving the medical community with a special understanding of the needs of the complimentary and alternative medical area.

Lloyd Wright, L.A.c.
Dean: College of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine
Lloyd G. Wright, L.Ac., was trained at the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, San Francisco, CA, completing his education as an acupuncturist and herbalist in January of 1985. Since that time he has continued to do extensive private training with master acupuncturist and herbalist Dr. Lam Kong. He has been an active member of both the California Certified Acupuncturist Association and the California State Oriental Medicine Association. Mr. Wright has further extended his education by earning a Diplomate from the National Board of Acupuncture Orthopedics (NBAO). He is a Qualified Medical Evaluator (Acupuncture) for Worker’s Compensation injuries, and is certified to do disability evaluation by the NBAO. He specializes in allergies, influenza, digestive disorders, pain, soft tissue injuries, the evaluation of injured workers and has been in full time private practice for over 14 years. Additionally, he served the community as one of the Governor's appointees to the Acupuncture Board of the State of California. The Board oversees licensing, educational standards, legislation, and enforcement issues for Acupuncturists in the State of California. During his term from 1993 to 1999, his role on the Acupuncture Board has included Vice Chair, Chair of the Exam Committee, and Chair of the Enforcement Committee. He has also assisted the California State Council for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education, with the review of acupuncture schools for State approval, assisted the Industrial Medical Council in writing the examination for Acupuncture Qualified Medical Evaluators, and conducted many Qualified Medical Exams for injured workers.
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Phone: 480-423-0375 Toll Free: 1-888-RAINSTAR Fax: 480-945-9824
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